About Us

We are a small to medium Wellington based company, servicing the Wellington and Lower Hutt region. We are committed to excellence and quality and this is demonstrated through our service and workmanship, and our down-to-earth genuine attitude towards our customers, and our work.

Who is Dave Pye Electrical?

Dave Pye Electrical started in 2004, after Dave felt it was the right time to start his own business, and was fortunate enough to retain a large customer as a client. Dave has his workshop on-site with Callaghan Innovation still and has been a familiar face on campus for over 20 years. 60% of Dave’s business is in the industrial/commercial area, with the remaining work residential.

Dave started his electrician’s apprenticeship with Naenae Electrical and still remembers starting out himself. He has assisted with the completion of many staff members’ apprenticeships.

“I think it’s important to give young people interested in the trades a chance,” said Dave. “I have trained up young apprentices, and they have moved on as registered electricians and are doing really well.”

You’ll notice Dave’s vans around the Wellington Region by the big blue light bulb. When asked what the significance of the blue light bulb was, Dave replied, “I thought they were a bit different – something that stands out. Glad you noticed them,” he said with a dry grin.

Dave is passionate about his customers, and making sure they are satisfied.

“I’m used to call outs. I even had to fix a tennis ball machine once, late at night, so a customer could play tennis early the next morning.”